Hidden Causes Of Water Damage In Your Home Or Property

What Causes Water Damage?

San Diego flood damage repair costsSan Diego flood damage repair costs

As a home owner or commercial property owner (or a property manager), it is imperative that you understand and prevent water damage. What you may not know is that flood damage repair costs can quickly jump into thousands of dollars. Insurance companies report that roughly 93 percent of water damages cases in 2014 could have been avoided by basic home maintenance or the use of a conventional shut-off system or leak discovery system. With most flooding damages insurance claims setting you back approximately $5,000 in repairs, it’s extremely useful for house owners to understand and easily recognize possible threats that may result in water damage. See San Diego water damage news.


According to insurance companies, rain damages accounts for 8 percent of all water damage cases. Also rain water can cause damage to your residence’s structure or inside. Severe climate conditions such as floods could also trigger major damages to homes and offices, particularly those without the correct protection. Flooding problems lead to specifically harmful quantities of standing water, which could harbor dangerous germs as well as microorganisms that typically bring about illness.

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Burst Pipes Incidents

Several plumbing problems such as ruptured pipes as well as pipe leaks take place inside walls and also these can be really tough to find. Left undiscovered for long periods of time, these pipes problems can create severe water damage. Leaky as well as ruptured pipelines are the most usual offenders of flooding damages, commonly arising from backed up drains pipes and bathrooms. Specialists suggest normal evaluations of your pipelines in order to capture potential issues and also to make necessary repair works before any type of actual damage takes place.


Pipes that have ruptured can create comprehensive water damage to a house or organization. Furnishings, priceless ownerships, and also vital records can all be ruined in a home flooding. The water damage can likewise cause mold and mold-related problems. Numerous insurance policy cases are made every year as a result of the damage triggered by busted pipes. In most cases, home owner’s insurance policy will certainly cover the damages but not what triggered it. In order to prevent water damages triggered by ruptured pipes, one has to recognize exactly what can trigger a water pipe to break.

House Appliances

Older as well as malfunctioning home appliances can ruin a house’s inner water supply. Weak hoses as well as rusted or cracked pipes can lead to future leakages as well as water accumulation. Houses regularly experience damage from worn-out or aged washing machines and hot water storage tanks; however, dishwashing machines, refrigerators, as well as water heaters could also pose an increasing risk of water damage over time. Taking care of or changing older appliance models could protect against future leakages as well as waterdamage, so that you are not at risk of losing $1000s to a water restoration company.


Air Conditioning, Home heating, and Air flow Solutions

Most homeowners do not recognize that their heating as well as cooling systems call for routine maintenance. Without proper attention, these units can see severe moisture build-ups which could add to the development of mold. To stop these problems, routine upkeep with an water damage specialist is a must to catch feasible damages. Changing old fixtures may be necessary in the future to stop wetness buildups and, eventually, water damage situations.

So in a nutshell, here are the sources of most water damage requiring restoration services:

  1. Old plumbing devices (hot water heating units, for example) could develop leakages in joints or hose links.
  2. Pipes lines (pipelines) can do this also. If the pipeline is inside a wall, it’s specifically tough to discover, and also can cause serious damage. Various other pipelines could also become blocked.
  3. Toilets as well as drains (particularly cooking area drains) are typically obstructed by material. Sewage system drain lines in some cases get blocked by roots. You have to call a rooter solution to unblock the lines. Occasionally putting Drain-o, or similar products, may assist to clear the drains.
  4. Seasonal changes such as freezing pipes in winter are another major cause of breakages.
  5. An obvious source of water damage is the weather condition. Summertime storms, floodings, as well as similar calamities (like typhoons) are notorious creators of major water damage.
  6. Not keeping your cooling system clean and dry causes water issues. Damp air conditioning air ducts trickle condensation, promoting mold and mildew and other water-borne germs. If this is taking place in your basement, open home windows or doors occasionally to get fresh air via the space. Likewise put a dehumidifier to function – set it at 45 to 50.
  7. Home appliance pipes can split eventually. Check those on your washing machine as well as dishwasher. Seals additionally degrade around the doors. And also in many cases, the housing of the home appliance could crack as a result of many years of use. This will certainly start as a small leak, and grow. So try to find it early before a major leak appears.
  8. Finally, your concrete cellar walls could get seepage from outside tornado water or climbing water levels. Those wall surfaces could additionally cause condensation due to the fact that there is wetness in the concrete, or if humidity comes in contact with cold concrete.

The best ways to Stop Water Damage

While some water catastrophes occur as an outcome of uncertain and uncontrollable situations, most water and flood damage could be prevented through routine residence evaluations as well as the routine upkeep of household items. Home owners can also set up a shut-off system or leak discovery system to catch leakages as well as shut off your water main immediately when it comes to a hazardous leakage. Investments in smaller sized repair services and also other preventative procedures can end up saving you hundreds, also thousands of dollars in the long run.